What is KNX

What is KNX

It is an open protocol for home and building automation as a result of the union of more than 249 largest automation companies in the world. Resulting in the high technology of building automation.

Today we have over 100,000 products as options for various applications and over 200,000 installations worldwide.

KNX (www.knx.org) is the most advanced home and building automation technology of the open protocol world. With more than 20 years in Europe and the United States and more than 200 thousand works carried out, having in its portfolio large and small applications.

The KNX system is the product of the union of the 249 largest companies in the world in the follow-up automation and electricity, thus being a highly innovative technology with multiple application possibilities (Siemens, Bosch, Schneider, ABB, Toshiba, Rockwell, Eberle, etc).

With regard to the means of communication, there are four possibilities:

  • A single cable running the entire system without any interference issues.
  • Wireless radio system.
  • Electric network transmission system.
  • Transmission via the Internet or computer network.

Knx has a Topology that supports up to 65,500 devices split between sensor and actuator. The red line is powering actuators with greater load and the green line supplies sensors and sends data.

One standard for all professionals.

Planning the construction and management of a house or building, a commercial or industrial establishment, does not just involve a large amount of work. It also means responding individually to technical and financial requirements.

These have increased exponentially in recent years with new rules and financial restrictions that imply, in the case of a technical installation, taking into account aspects of energy efficiency and effective management. KNX was born in 1987.

What was at the time an innovative idea is today a standard supported by demanding European standards EN 50090 and CEN EN 1321-1. This standard FOR THE TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT OF HOUSES AND BUILDINGS is recognized as the only protocol that complies with the international standard ISO/IEC14543.

The following data illustrate the current magnitude of the KNX system and its success:

  • More than 120 reputed manufacturers associated
  • Over 12,000 licenses of ETS software
  • Over 100,000 buildings equipped with KNX
  • Over 10 million installed KNX products

A “smart” building is a profitable conversion from traditional solutions. You can save up to 30% of your usual expenses in the medium term. Although in the planning and execution phase of the work the installation of the KNX solution exceeds the costs of the traditional electrical installation, in the use phase these are considerably reduced.

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