Public Buildings

Public Buildings

Large public buildings anywhere in the world are similar in one vital aspect: the need to control and manage energy consumption well. In this sense, KNX can be the most important factor for modern buildings that seek good energy management, as well as certifications of the highest levels. KNX offers a wide range of intelligent electronic components for public buildings, from lamps to sensors and switches, which can be programmed in the most diverse ways. KNX also offers the integration and monitoring of everything in an easy and modern way.

Achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency with KNX

KNX offers public buildings the most advanced building automation model, resulting in smarter energy consumption


In a metro station, KNX is able to monitor all components of the electrical network. Between one metro station and another, for example, there are hundreds of electrical and electronic components to be monitored and integrated.



An airport and its many terminals have a wide range of electro-electronic components to be monitored and integrated, resulting in a high number of lamps, switches and lighting controls.



Office buildings are, from an energy point of view, buildings that need to be designed to consume as little energy as possible, in order to obtain financial savings and achieve high levels of energy efficiency.


Commercial Complex

This type of building usually makes the most of natural light because they are at high altitudes. Thus, large amounts of windows and glass are used in architecture, favoring energy savings.



KNX offers intelligent, controlled and monitored lighting environments. So your guests will be able to count on programmed lighting in the room and your hotel will be able to better manage the efficiency of energy consumption.



The entire hospital lighting system can be controlled by both local users such as doctors and nurses, as well as being remotely monitored by the hospital’s maintenance staff.

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