Payment Policy

KNX Payment Policy in Brazil

Purchases of products at the KNX store can be paid by credit card or bank slip. Payments cannot be divided into more than one bank slip (only in cash). When the purchase is made by credit card, the purchase can be paid in installments according to the number of times shown on the product page. For more information about products, minimum amounts and installment rules, see the conditions available on the product page of our website or contact us.

You can choose to pay for your order in several installments. However, the total purchase amount must be within the credit limit available on your card. If the limit is exceeded, the order will not be approved by the card administrator and you will be communicated by our team via email. In this case, your purchase order will be cancelled.

It is worth remembering that the delivery time of your purchase will start counting only after the credit card administrator approves the payment and your order is confirmed by our team by email.

Credit Card

  • When making purchases with a credit card, you can choose to use different brands, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club and Elo.
  • To use your credit card, simply choose this payment method when placing your order.
  • For your safety, if there is any discrepancy between your registration and payment information, we reserve the right not to approve your order, or to contact you to confirm your details.

Banking slip

  • Purchases by bank slip are in cash and the bank issuing the slip will be defined at the time of purchase by our company. Therefore, payment will be made in a single installment, in the total amount of your purchase, and must occur until the due date informed on the ticket. If payment is not made, the order will be canceled and you will receive an email notifying you.
  • To speed up the process, remember to print the bank slip once you complete the purchase. But if you prefer, you can access it later, in the confirmation email. Or, click here to view your orders.
  • Please be advised that, for your security, the information entered in your order may undergo an internal review, and will be subject to confirmation by phone or email. Therefore, it is very important that your registration data are always updated and complete, including a landline to facilitate and speed up contact. The delivery period will start counting only after this analysis and subsequent confirmation of payment. You will always be notified, by email, of any changes in the processing flow of your purchase.
  • We reinforce our commitment to credit card security on the Internet, guaranteeing our customers total security on our website.
  • We do not send printed slips by mail.


  • It’s the Brazilian instant payment. The payment method created by the Central Bank (BC) in which funds are transferred between accounts in a few seconds, at any time or day. Just follow the steps. Finalize your purchase and open the bank app in the Pix option. point your cell phone camera at the code or copy and paste the code and at the end check the data and confirm your payment through the bank app.

Valid from March 24, 2022

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