Audios and KNX

Through sound system integration modules with KNX, you can offer your guests or customers, as well as the home owner, easy control of the entire building's audio system using a KNX button or a touchscreen. KNX audio systems also provide connections for streaming audio and controlling personal music libraries. Along with the various options of amplifiers, speakers and audio inputs, KNX offers a complete solution for listening to music, with all the comfort and automation you are looking for.

Smart audio system is now possible with KNX

Now your home, hotel, office or restaurant audio systems can be fully integrated and operated from a single central interface with KNX.

Audio Systems

With KNX, you can Bluetooth pair your phone or tablet to the system, making it incredibly easy for customers to listen to music in any room. This could be a good choice in hotel guest rooms, for example.


External Environments

With KNX, you will be able to have a powerful and intelligent sound system for the external environments of your home or business. Whether it’s a residence, a hotel, a restaurant or even a club, the integrated building automation provided by KNX provides numerous advantages.


Internal Environments

KNX provides centralized distribution of music throughout the home or building. Amplifiers equipped with a KNX connection port, have audio inputs for external audio sources such as Wi-Fi sound equipment, MP3 or DVD players, computers, etc.

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