Resellers and Telesales

KNX Resellers and Telesales

We offer extensive partnership plans with suppliers, based on mutual understanding to offer the end customer, support, quality and guarantee of our products. Our Resellers are divided into 4 classes to be defined: Designer Reseller : in this case the reseller has technical training and only buys products randomly. You will have special discounts. In this case you will only have basic support. Non-Designer Reseller : the reseller has a company, but is not qualified for the work, they make the budget for the reseller, it redoes it and passes it on to its customer, approving, KNX do Brasil executes the work and receives from resale and the end customer is not aware of the existence of our company. Integrating Reseller : the reseller will have taken product integrator courses and purchased the showroom kit, in this case will carry out projects, will have advanced support and a loyalty contract with differentiated discounts. KNX Partner : all KNX integrators with certification from basic, will have special discounts with a discount coupon, linked to an advance registration to receive a Coupon.

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