Smart Home

Smart Home

Your home doesn't have to be boring and boring anymore. With the home automation solutions offered by KNX, you will transform your home into a much more comfortable, pleasant and interesting place.

KNX is the ideal system for modern and smart homes

Manage all your home automation control from a single central interface, saving energy and other resources

Standard Apartment

Control every detail of your home automation. KNX offers a complete system, composed of software and devices for managing all the functions of your smart apartment.



With KNX it is possible to manage outdoor irrigation via direct control on switches, or autonomously by programmed commands and even by detecting humidity through sensors.


Apartments and Residences

Apartments and residences become increasingly attractive to their residents with KNX technology, capable of increasing the quality of life through a modern and integrated home automation system.


High Luxury House

For a high-end home, KNX offers a wide range of incredibly modern home automation (home and building automation) products and solutions. ETS offers an advanced control and automation interface.


Modern Design

KNX product manufacturers offer a wide range of modern and stylish solutions, always with beauty in mind. A home equipped with KNX not only has comfort and economy, but also a modern and innovative design.

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