Home Theater

Home Theater

A KNX smart home allows you to connect all kinds of devices together and thus enjoy a seamlessly integrated experience of all your home's audio and video equipment, especially your home theater.

KNX allows automation of all electronics in your entertainment environment

With KNX, you can make your audio and video environment much smarter

Environment Automation

Imagine being able to play your music and movies from your smartphone directly to your home theater with a simple voice command in any room in the house? This kind of intelligent automation is possible with KNX.


Integration with Systems

With KNX, you can integrate all the audio and video devices in your lounge, transferring control of all components to a single centralized interface, like a touchscreen tablet.



The lighting in a home theater greatly influences the well-being and comfort of the audience. With KNX, you can adapt the lighting in your environment to the needs of the movie being watched.



KNX offers an advanced environment simulation system, where lighting, sound and even home security can be used to simulate specific situations, such as watching a movie.

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