Installer Course

Installer Course

The KNX installer is a professional capable of creating and defining home and building automation projects. It is capable of defining and dimensioning the directions of a KNX project. It deals with all the equipment and materials to be used in the home automation project. In addition, it prepares the installation sites and installs the most diverse types of KNX components, always seeking to integrate the most varied types of safety, comfort and air conditioning components.

Basic and Advanced Courses for KNX Installers

KNX do Brasil offers training for KNX installers looking to specialize in HVAC, CCTV and others

KNX Installer Course

KNX is the only bus system in the world that offers a complete range of data transmission for control systems in buildings: Twisted Cables, Power Line, Radio Frequency and Ethernet IP


KNX Cooling System

In this course, you will develop in-depth knowledge and an advanced understanding of HVAC applications in buildings and homes using KNX. You will become familiar with key HVAC terms


Camera Systems Course

CCTV or closed circuit TV, is a video surveillance system where the use of cameras. KNX offers an advanced system for integrating security cameras with home surveillance devices such as video intercom.

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