Building Automation Course

Building Automation Course

Description of the Building Automation Course

In this complete building and residential automation course, the engineer professor Luiz Fernando Neves, with more than 30 years of experience in Electronics, Automation and Telecommunications, will transmit to the student all the necessary knowledge to form a professional specialist in KNX.

The home automation course aims to provide professionals with the necessary knowledge to integrate the automatic mechanisms of a residential space, simplifying people’s daily lives, satisfying communication, comfort and safety needs. At the end of the course, the student will be a certified KNX integrator.


  • Train Certified Professionals Specialists in KNX
  • Train KNX Certified Integrator in Brazil

Target Audience

  • Electrical, Mechatronics, Computer and Mechanical Engineers
  • Hobists, students, investors, etc.
  • Architects, builders and installers
  • Electrical, Mechatronics and Mechanical Technicians
  • Investors


  • Basic knowledge of electricity and computers, included in the course
  • Students will be able to bring their notebook to the course

Course Program

  • Introduction to KNX and Home Automation – 2h
  • Basic electrical and electronics – 4h
  • Basic alarms and CCTV – 2h
  • Basic automation – 4h
  • Automation market – 2h
  • Argument and sales ideas – 2h
  • System arguments – 2h
  • KNX Communication – 2h
  • KNX Tp1 Topology – 2h
  • KNX Tp1 telegram – 4h
  • KNX Bus Components – 2h
  • KNX Tp1 Installation – 2h
  • Basic ETS Project Design – 8h
  • Commissioning with ETS – 2h
  • Practical class – 8h
  • Installation and maintenance – 4h
  • Diagnosis with ETS – 2h
  • Final exam – 2h

Professor Eng. Luiz Fernando Neves

  • Engineer with 28 years of experience
  • Electronics / Automation / Telecommunications
  • Postgraduate in Automation with more than 20 certifications and more than 500 projects at Anatel
  • Integrator of more than 10 brands with courses in Brazil and Europe
  • KNX certification obtained in Europe


At the end of the course, a theoretical and practical exam is carried out. If the student obtains an average above 50%, he will be entitled to the KNX do Brasil Integrator Certification, with full support for projects.

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