Energy and KNX Courses

Energy and KNX Courses

KNX devices are usually connected by a twisted pair bus and can be modified from a controller. The bus is routed in parallel with the electrical power supply to all devices and systems on the network. This makes in-depth knowledge of building electrical installations fundamental and necessary for any KNX professional.

Courses in the area of building and residential electrical for KNX installers

KNX do Brasil offers training in Electrical Installations and KNX Measurements for professionals and students in the field of home automation

Course Measurements With KNX

The Measurements with KNX Course details the applications of controlling electrical energy monitoring elements via KNX. Modules include an overview of a building’s electrical systems and HVAC


Electrical Installations Course

Electrical Installations CourseIn the Electrical Installations course at KNX do Brasil, focusing both on homes and buildings, through step-by-step, practical and systematized content, you will learn the basic principles of electricity

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