Telephone and Intercoms

KNX Telephony and Intercoms

KNX offers an advanced and varied range of smart phones and intercom options for building and home automation. In addition to being extremely advanced in terms of requirements (such as touch panels, high definition screens, HD video, etc.), they offer the possibility of interconnecting different brands from different manufacturers of different intercoms, enabling savings and flexibility in assembling the security system.

KNX Phones and Intercoms increase the security and comfort of your home in style

KNX intercoms offer the most advanced combinations of design and technology, resulting in safer and more interactive homes.

Audio Intercoms

Call the house from anywhere to arm the security system, check the working status of appliances or other devices, control the heating system, control the lighting circuits.


Video Intercom

KNX enables the interconnection of several video intercoms located outside the building or residence, from multiple different manufacturers, to facilitate the intelligent automation of your building or residence.


IP Telephony

IP telephony with KNX allows customers to receive VoIP calls from VoIP-enabled devices such as VoIP phones and IP intercoms. It is also possible to use VoIP PBXs.

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